Points 2

08-02-2014 18:42

EAN egyptian artists network is pleased to inivite you to attend its second exhibition POINTS 2 in 23 January on Goethe-Institut Alexandria. at 6:00 pm
This year POINTS 2 invites international artists to participate with their artworks in photography, painting, printmaking, drawing or any field of arts can print and exhibit.

POINTS 2 it’s international exhibition for visual arts will be on Goethe institute Alexandria from 23 January 2014 till 2 February 2014.
The participants are 22 artists:
10 artists from Egypt, Waleed Matar, Sally Elzeiny, Ibrahim El Tanbouli, Mohamed Keshk, Adel Moustafa, Omar Elfayoumi, Chadi Salama, Mohamed Nabil abdel Salam, Mohamed Sabry and Hady Boraey.
and 12 artists from different countries,
Adel Moustafa – Egypt / Ahmet Ozel – Turkey / Albert Negredo – Spain / Ania Daria Merska – Poland / Chadi Adib – Egypt / Debora Fede – Italy / Hady Boraey – Egypt / Ibrahim El Tanbouli – Egypt / Jing Zhou - China-USA / Kadie Schmidt-Hackenberg – Germany / Mari Lagerquist – Sweden / Mohamed Nabil Abdl Sallam – Egypt / Mohamed Sabry – Egypt / Mohamed Keshk – Egypt / Monika Pichler – Austria / Mufit Isler – Turkey / Mutaz Elemam – Sudan / Patricia Goodrich – USA / Sally El Zeiny – Egypt / Soufiane Kennous - Morocco-USA/ Virginia Ryan - Australia-Italy / Waleed Matar – Egypt /

POINTS, It is annually exhibition project organized by EAN network (Egyptian artists network) for bright flashing points in the formative artistic movement whose works traveled around several international exhibitions. It is an annual project that sheds light on a group of artists in several artistic fields. it aims at the convergence of these enlightened points in the nucleus of the coming generations to renew the artistic dialogue through gathering in a single point again. EAN network group performs a dialogue of cultures through holding activities of local and international workshops and preparing the appropriate environment through different arts.

EAN (Egyptian Artists network) initiatives and founded by EAN group, it’s a group of independent artists and curators Moataz El Safty and Reem Hassan based in Alexandria – Egypt, . EAN network is the second programme done by EAN group, the first programme is AAW projects (Alexandria – Africa – World) which including international activities such as AAW international artists workshop, AAW artist-in-residency and AAW outreach programme, the third programme is MUGA channel, it’s audiovisual channel for National / international activities for contemporary arts.
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